Monday, March 19, 2012

Speak from your Heart

There are many times in life that you do something for the first time like your first cigarette, your first road trip, and your first day in school. But much like your first kiss, there are some firsts that are more memorable than others and last Saturday night was one of these for me.

There are a lot of people in the music industry that sing very well and some of those who sing with heart. There are more of these today than ever before and many choose to drop out of the "competition" before even beginning. It's a hard business and a harder life as a musician, and of the hundreds of millions who try each year around the world to do so, few actually making it to the top.

As it is with musical talent programs today, some of the best of these hopefuls find their way into living rooms through the magic of television, and some faceless others choose a different path and have a different definitions for the word "success." Regardless of how you connect with the latter type of artist, you know it when it happens.

When you hear such a new, promising musician, there is something magical about that time, something that makes a connection with a higher consciousness within you, something that you know to be more than mere entertainment. Such encounters, unfortunately, happen infrequently, but last Saturday night was such a  moment for me and my wife.

Within the sea of those struggling artists, there will be a unique occurrence where you understand what they are singing about, something that touches you personally, something that transcends the guitars, the lyrics, and the melody and combines into an emotional crescendo. Susan Enan is such a struggling artist whose heart is not tainted by convention and with her down-to-earth folk style sings of truths that can bring tears to your eyes.

In speaking with her briefly after the concert, I wanted to give her a compliment that could hopefully impart the same feeling she shared with the 40 people attending this particular home concert. I struggled for the words and then said to her, "You perform with heart..." and then realized that this was a cliche. I struggled for a while looking for the right words and then continued, "...the word passion falls far short in describing what I see inside of you..." Tears swelled in her eyes and I knew in for that instant I resonated with that same spot inside of her. She understood that I understood, and that touched her heart.

I reserve such heart-felt compliments only to times when they are well deserved, when what happens inside of me needs to be shared with the one who stirred those feelings. I am a writer and such words are easier for me to find. I encourage you to find your own ways to connect with your own higher consciousness and tell others in your own words exactly how you feel. It is easy to criticise; it is noble to compliment. It is divine to speak words of encouragement from that higher-consciousness part of your being.

Take time in your relationship today to tell that person how you feel. Dismiss your thoughts and speak from your heart. You may fumble at first but the more you do it, the better person you will become. Take the time, don't wait, do it today.

Yours for higher fidelity,
Philip Rastocny

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