Thursday, August 16, 2012

Impulse Toys

There seems to be a never-ending supply of toys for the audiophile.  On of the most novel things I've seen lately is something that has nothing to do with making your system sound better, but rather a conversation piece.  It's a watch shaped like an analog turntable.
Now I have to admit that once I saw this, I wanted one. Don't ask me why, but there was that silly part of me that said "This is pretty cool."

Then, I started thinking: sure looks big. But being a lover of analog, I still considered getting this thing.  And then my wife added some common sense: "When are you going to wear this?" she said without a moment's hesitation. "To the audio club meetings and...and..."

Well, she was making a very good point. Would I wear it while listening? Maybe, but only for a week or so.  Would I wear it to club meetings? Yes, definitely. So that's once a month.

Well, you get the point. We as audiophiles are always on the lookout for that next new little toy, especially one that no one else has.  I thought to myself "In all honesty, do you REALLY want this?"

I thought of glancing down at my wrist and chuckling loudly.  But common sense prevailed and I resisted.  I can hear the difference when I put spikes on my speakers, I am blissed when I add polystyrene capacitors to my crossover network, I am thrilled at a new piece of vintage vinyl, and I am blissed with a new cartridge. But this watch is another story.

Funny how I still think about getting it, so what's that all about? I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. Wonder if I can upgrade the tonearm...or the cartridge...or...or...

Yours for higher fidelity,
Philip Rastocny

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